28 Tips for Surviving Winter with Your Dog

Keeping Dogs Warm and Safe

Here’s how to make the best of a frosty yet magical season with your best friend!

  1. Don’t leave your dog in the car

  2. Always inspect paws after walks

  3. Don’t spend too much time in the snow

  4. Always play it safe in slippery conditions

  5. Check the weather before going for walks

  6. Offer extra blankies and even some fleece

  7. Wash and dry paws immediately after walks

  8. Adjust food portions to match activity levels

  9. Always walk with a whistle and a charged mobile

  10. Keep water lovers on a leash to keep them from doing the “polar plunge“ and catching hypothermia

  11. Make sure your dog has enough play, chew and brain teaser toys

  12. Keep your pooch away from puddles which may contain antifreeze

  13. Make sure puppies and older dogs are warm enough when they need to be

  14. Keep your doggies inside: extreme cold can lead to frostbite and hypothermia

  15. Invest in proper leash training: it really pays off, especially when things get slippery

  16. Give short-haired breeds extra protection with sweaters or jackets for outdoor outings

  17. Consider buying booties for walks: paw lifting, stopping and whining are signs of cold tootsies

  18. If the weather won’t allow for walks, play games inside and spend quality time together

  19. Be extra vigilant during the festive season: keep toxic or dangerous foods out of reach

  20. Prevent ice balls from forming: get booties, clip fur between toes or apply paw wax

  21. Wash your dog’s paws after walking on salted pavements to protect footpads

  22. Even thick-coated dogs can benefit from clothing such as a waterproof jacket

  23. Both you and your dog should wear reflective gear or accessories when walking at night

  24. Don’t let your dog off the leash if you anticipate passing frozen water

  25. Only dress your dog in dry clothing and keep clean spares around

  26. Many dogs need a couple of sets of warm, waterproof clothing

  27. Insert covers and liners to protect your car’s interiors

  28. Use pet electric blankets or heat mats responsibly
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