Source: Huron Daily Tribune (Extract)
Posted: October 28, 2023

For some reason animals — especially cats and dogs — who have black fur are discriminated against — especially black cats.

Black cats are often targets of abuse during this superstitious time of year.

It is recommended that anyone who has a black cat keep it inside the house during this time of year.

It seems that the United States is the most prejudice country against black cats. The following are some statistics from the website that talked about the difference between America and other countries regarding black cats.

In the 19th century, black cats were considered a sign of good omen in some parts of Europe.

In Japan, black cats are symbols of prosperity.

In France, black cats are referred to as “magician cats;” treating them well brings good luck to the owner.

In Scotland, finding a black cat by the door in the morning means good fortune.

In Russia, black cats are considered to bring luck and prosperity when brought to a new house before the new owners move in.

I have a cat now who we named “Bob Cat” (aka Bobbers) only because he adopted us about 10 years ago.

Bobbers was kept outside because I’m allergic to cats; but as the weather turned cold, a place was made for the cat in the back room. It was decided that he shouldn’t be cooped up, so he was allowed inside the house for a few hours a day.

Bobbers is the breed of cat that has a big “M” on his forehead. For whatever reason I’m not allergic to him, so he now has the run of the house. He wormed his way into my life and heart.

True to form of being a cat, he only wants attention when he wants it. Other than that, he ignores me.

A cat’s facial expressions never change — they are inscrutable and aloof. I heard they act that way because they were once worshiped as gods and have never forgotten that.

I’ve always had black dogs until the last few years when health and mobility issues made it difficult to take care of myself, much less a dog.

There is an Indian legend that says when a human dies and is ready to enter heaven, all of the animals that person has had or has encountered will greet them. Depending on how the person treated them, the animals will decide if the person can enter heaven or not. To me, that is karma at its best.

The most common dogs in need of a home are big, black and usually older, according to animal shelters.

I cannot understand the prejudices against black animals. They cannot help it anymore than a person who has blue eyes or red hair.

“Black is beautiful” should extend to animals as well.