Source: HT Auto (Extract)
Posted: February 27, 2023

Dogs clad in cute clothes, often with some hair accessories, sticking their heads out of moving car windows while sitting on their owners’ laps is quite a common sight, in India and elsewhere.

While that might seem adorable to the onlookers, it could be risky for the furry friends. In purview of animal welfare, the US state of Florida is working on a bill that would make it illegal for a driver to have a dog on their lap, or for the dog to stick their head out of a moving car window.

The draft of the bill, filed by a South Florida lawmaker, if passed in the senate, would make it against the law for a dog “to extend its head or any other body part outside a motor vehicle window while the person is operating the motor vehicle on a public roadway.”

Additionally, the bill would make it illegal for a dog to be transported “on a running board, fender, hood, or roof of a motor vehicle,” as well as in a trunk or enclosed cargo space. Motorists in Florida will also not be able to transport a dog in a vehicle that is being towed. Also, if a dog is being transported in the bed of a pickup truck, the bill requires that they are in a well-ventilated crate that allows them to have good footing, and prevents them from bad weather.

For dogs that accompany owners inside moving personal cars would need to be secured with a crate that is appropriate for the dog’s size, or be secured with a harness or seatbelt. The dog could be physically restrained by a passenger, but the driver shouldn’t be the one doing it.

Another US state – New Hampshire is also in the process of passing a bill that would prevent drivers from holding a dog on their laps while in control of a moving vehicle.