Source: dogoday (Extract)
Posted: May 20, 2023

Even though the Westminster Dog Show is over, a lot of people are still looking into different dog breeds. At least, that’s what Veterinarians.org is counting on with their latest study.

Of course, all of us dog lovers have thoughts about which dogs we love, prefer, or have always loved. That’s why it’s so interesting to see the data when it comes to what people are searching for. It honestly might surprise you.

The company was nice enough to share the top 10 most searched dog breeds within the United States including Washington D.C. They also shared an even larger breakdown which goes state-by-state and even gives some insight into why certain dogs are favored in certain states.

Most of us consider our dogs as part of our family and it’s honestly wild to think about the different dog breeds that are being searched and which ones are specific to which states.

What are the most searched dog breeds within the United States?

With all the talk about the top ten dog breeds, it would only be right to start with the top 10 searches. The #1 searched dog breed is the Bulldog in 10 states while the second is the Havanese in 5 states. The next few are tied with 3 states each: Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, and Greyhound. Moving onto the final four with each nabbing 2 states, there is Boxer, Daschund, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the Pug.

Personally, I’m incredibly surprised to see Bulldog as the number #1 dog breed being searched but it could also have to do with the Georgia Bulldogs, too. Looking at the graph shared, I will say that some of the dogs being searched within certain states don’t come as a surprise like New Mexico’s being Chihuahua, Virginia’s being Beagle, and Pennsylvania’s being Boxer.

Honestly, there are so many amazing dogs out there so it’s really hard to rank them, yet I can see why certain dog breeds were searched more than others.