Source: Parade Pets (Extract)
Posted: September 20, 2023

Stray cats tug at the heartstrings of cat lovers everywhere. We know we shouldn’t bring them inside right away, especially if we have other animals or children. Even still we might want to befriend them, to try to make them feel loved.

Thankfully, on Tuesday, September 19th, an expert showed us just what to do:

Bruce the Bobcat is a real rags to riches success story. I’m so glad he’s getting the good life he deserves!

Sometimes, we can’t help it. There’s a feral cat you see everyday on your way to grab your coffee in the morning. He looks sweet, so you start taking steps. Leaving treats, food, maybe even a toy. And then he starts coming over to you – but never letting you touch him, because that’s scary.

It’s important to remember that feral cats have had a rough go of it. In addition to never knowing things like a warm bed or a well-rounded meal, they may have also had some tough encounters with other animals or people. Many people aren’t very kind to feral cats, leaving them vulnerable to injuries.

If there’s a feral cat you know you want to help, one of the best things you can do to get them used to the feeling of being petted/handled is using a scratcher. It simulates the action of being petted without actually forcing you to violate their personal bubble.

If you want to take it one step further, you can rub the scratcher on your own hands first to get your scent on it. That’ll help them get used to your scent at the same time. Once you’ve earned their trust, bringing them into your home can go smoothly as long as you continue to take it slow.

When thinking about “adopting” a feral cat, you need to make sure that you have enough money to take them to the vet right away. Feral cats are at greater risk for parasites and diseases, so it’s important to get them treated as soon as possible so they can live long and healthy lives!